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We combine our 3 Principles of ALS On-Time Delivery (speed, accuracy and reliability) with the most current technology available in the industry to provide solutions for your logistics needs.

- A Partnership Mentality -

Dedicated & Network Options

ALS offers dedicated delivery solution, or the ability to increase efficiencies by leveraging our delivery network. Some projects need a dedicated solution, but others have more flexibility. Whichever your requirements are, ALS has the experience and ability to offer a customized solution to meet your needs.

Implementation Experience

ALS has implemented many startup projects over the years. From 3 to 5 route operations to multi-state line haul and 30+ route delivery logistics solutions. To meet these new opportunities, we have expanded our physical presence through a combination of warehouse space and strategic partnerships with reputable couriers in other markets.

- The Core Principles That Lead To Quality Service -


Speed - Accuracy - Reliability

These core delivery principles keep us focused on our client's service goals, and have been the foundation for our company's continued growth.


While we pride ourselves in our service levels and our commitment to on-time service, we also recognize the need for speed in communication.

Portal, our courier application, allows our clients to quickly extract delivery information electronically through real-time PODs, delivery route updates and service level reports.

We view quick and accurate communication that you can rely on as a critical step toward quality overall service. With ALS you get timely details on delivery specifics, either through our web app Portal, or through our dedicated staff.


Why do we list accuracy as one of our 3 principles when delivering to the correct location should be considered a given? Because accurately relaying the details of a delivery is part of our overall service.

With Portal, our tracking and scanning system, you can be confident that the details of your delivery are accounted for, and can be retrieved as needed by your customer service department and / or transportation group.

Our tracking and scanning system also captures in bound and load scans to ensure the accuracy of the loads we receive. No need to hope that dock workers counted all the boxes correctly.


We see the items we deliver as necessities to our customers. These items need to get to where they are going so that your business, and your customers, can work efficiently.

Being able to rely on timely deliveries means less down time, efficient workflow and as anyone who receives on-time delivery service can attest to, peace of mind. We know your doing more than just expecting a package, you are relying on it.

Again, we come back to our technology, and our security. At ALS we take being reliable for you product, and delivery data, very seriously. From the measure we take to secure our buildings to the secure log-in and servers that house our delivery information, you can rely on ALS for more than just making reliable deliveries.

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ALS has locations and operations throughout Florida and the southeast



Through a combination of warehouses and Strategic Partnerships, ALS covers all of Florida and significant sections of the southeast on a daily basis. No other company has logistics capabilities in Florida like ALS.

Illustration of the map of the southeast United States with arrows pointing from our Orlando hum to the locations we service.

Areas of Operation

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- Why an MBE Company? -

Minority Business Enterprise

Some government contracts require a portion of budgetary spend to be applied to minority businesses to help support supplier diversity. With ALS, you can get the high level of professionalism you come to expect from a qualified delivery company, with the benefits of supporting a women's and minority based company.

Another image of the minority certification authority.
Image of the minority certification authority.


The Office of Supplier Diversity strives to improve business and economic opportunities for Florida's minority, women, and Florida veteran business enterprises. ALS is a contributing member and has been certified by the OSD. Visit the Office of Supplier Diversity website to learn more about their services.


The FMSDC is a minority certification program for the state of Florida that ensures a company meets the specific requirements to claim minority or women's certification. ALS is a contributing member and has been certified by the FMSDC. Visit the FMSDC website to see the benefits of, and how to, implement an MBE program at your company.

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Delivery Partners

ALS continues to build a base of reliable and like-minded delivery partners. We look to forge strategic partnerships with like-minded companies that can lead to mutual growth and efficiencies. Companies with a similar partnership outlook regarding client relationships and a dedication to quality service are what we are looking for.

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