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ALS has been at the forefront of technology in the transportation industry since the mid 1990s. Our proprietary system offers you instant access to shipment details and reports. See below to learn more about our technology capabilities.

- Yes, We Can Integrate Your Data Into Our System -


Laptop with spreadsheet open.

ASN File Integration Capabilities

By integrate your data into our system you have access to our Client Portal, which allows you to track shipments, get shipment details and pull reports to help manage your business. Our system is capable of producing:

  • Over and Short reports
  • Service Level reports
  • Route specific details
  • Quick and detailed billing
  • and can reduce data entry errors

These benefits allow us to run our business more efficiently, leading to better service, quick access to delivery details and cost competitive rates.

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Access Your Shipment Details

ALS provides a secure log-in that takes you to your Client Portal, which gives you the ability to place new orders, pull reports and get electronic POD information from our secure servers.

Key Features & Flexibility

  • Real-time POD
  • Online order entry
  • Online package tracking
  • Reports
  • Intuitive User Interface

Portal allows us to create custom apps and reports based on your specific needs. One phrase we always repeat to our clients is, "if you want it, we can make it happen."

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Curious About Our Tech?

Find out how our technology can help with your logistics needs.

- Electronic Data From Multiple Points -


Track Through Our Web Or Client Portal

You can quickly track your packages by entering a tracking number in our system. Or, for more robust details of your deliveries, you can access our Client Portal to run reports, obtain electronic PODs and other details of each specific delivery.

Track Your Package

Enter your tracking number below and receive the latest status on your shipment.

Receive Scan

With the ability to scan inbound freight at our warehouse, we can match unique barcodes to our client's integrated shipment data and quickly identify any short or overages we receive.

Load Scan

We then scan each package as it's loaded onto a vehicle for delivery. Again, we compare our scans to our client's integrated shipment data and quickly identify if a package hasn't been loaded or is loaded onto an incorrect route. The load scan feature allows us to identify mis-sorts before they leave our warehouse.

Delivery Scan

Upon reaching the delivery point, each package is scanned to verify the correct package is being delivered, and to capture the delivery details by our system. You can then log into our Client Portal and view shipment details to verify signature, time of delivery and other POD details.


We use two scanners out in the field. The Motorola MC45 and the Intermec CS40.

Motorola MC45

We currently use the Motorola MC45 out in the field. This scanner has a ruggedized case, a laser barcode scanner and improved wireless capabilities.

For more information and a breakdown of features, visit the Motorola MC45 website.

The Motorola MC45

Intermec CS40

We currently use the Intermec CS40 out in the field. This scanners has proven to be durable and dependable for daily use.

For more information and a breakdown of features, visit the Intermec CS40 website.

The Intermec CS40


Monitor and tablet with Portal screen

The App for the Delivery Industry

We've been using Portal since 1998 for all of our scanning, tracking and electronic POD needs. It's a software package that has proven the test of time and continues to provide us with the best solutions for our clients.

Key Features & Flexibility

  • Real-time POD
  • Online order entry
  • Online package tracking
  • Reports
  • Intuitive User Interface

Office To Go & Business Solutions

Our Technology Affiliate, Office To Go & Business Solutions is a full-line computer service group that offers cutting-edge technology solutions for business. They helped create and develop Portal into what it is today, and have proven to be an invaluable partner in insuring ALS stays ahead of the technological curb.

Their expertise includes the widest spectrum of knowledge, skills and creativity possible in order to provide their clients with tech solutions that are always a perfect fit.

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- 3 Keys To Warehouse and Data Security -

Security warehouse circle icon


Our security cameras monitor each warehouse 24 hours a day, seven days a week from multiple interior and exterior angles. Cameras are also equipped with automatic night vision.

Security secure server circle icon

Secure Server

All footage is saved for 30 days on our secure servers and can be exported to multiple formats, allowing for flexibility of viewing and collaboration with law enforcement.

Security monitor circle icon


Our Loss Prevention Team has live remote monitoring views of all our facilities at all times of the day. Each location is also equipped with monitoring devices to review footage.

Web Security

Data Security

Portal, our courier application, is a web-based application with secure log-in and data storage.

We run backups and multiple servers in the event of a natural disaster hitting one of our server locations.

Warehouse Security

Video Surveillance & Alarm System

Every ALS warehouse is equipped with 24 hour video surveillance, infrared cameras, and state of the art alarm system. All of our cameras record a minimum of 30 days of footage onto a hard driver that is stored in a secure room with limited access.

Each warehouse is also equipped with an alarm system that records every outside entrance to the office or warehouse area. Warehouse motion sensors are also used as a security measure.

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