Our Process To Logistics Solutions

ALS offers distribution services with a partnership first mentality. From data analyzation to route building, or integration into our delivery network, we can provide solutions to fit your goals. Follow the path laid out below to see our process.

- This Is Where Our Process Begins -


Analyzing The Data

We begin by thoroughly analyzing the data you present to us, in an effort to understand your unique needs and objectives.

Once we feel we have a grasp of the scope of work, we use our more than 20 years of experience in the delivery industry to create a custom solution that fits your operational and budgetary goals. From our ability to present integrated shipping options through our delivery network, to dedicated route planning, ALS will present a reliable and cost effective distribution plan.

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The ALS Florida Delivery Network

With a delivery network that stretches from the panhandle to Jacksonville, through Central Florida and down to both the Fort Myers and Tri-county area of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, ALS offers unmatched opportunities. No other logistics provider blankets the state as we do.

With operations in Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee, and trailer runs throughout the US, we also provide service to the remainder of the southeast and beyond.

Illustration of the map of Florida with arrows pointing from our Orlando hum to the locations we service.

From '53s to Cargo Vans and Cars

Our ground capabilities are extensive. Below is a list of vehicle types we use within our delivery network.

  • '53 ft. trailers
  • 24 ft. box trucks (with liftgates for dock-high deliveries)
  • 16 ft. and smaller box trucks
  • Cargo vans
  • Cars

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- The Capability to Receive Your Product -


ALS has the ability to receive palletized and loose loaded product through the conveyor belts or pallet jacks at each of our locations.

Palletized and Loose Load

Inbound Flexibility

With our power and gravity conveyor systems, ALS can accept different types of loaded trailers, giving your DC more flexibility in their processes.

Warehouse Security

ALS has 24 hour video surveillance with automatic infrared cameras in all of our facilities. Each location stores footage for 30 days, has remote viewing for our Loss Prevention Team and has an alarm monitoring system. Learn more about our security.

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- Wait…Do You Need Warehousing? -

With locations in Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Ocala, Jacksonville, and strategic partnerships throughout the southeast, ALS offers a number of different options for your warehousing needs.

Over 100,000 sq. ft. of Warehouse

Whether you need storage between shipments, a pick-and-pack operation, or an emergency supply warehousing station for the hurricane season, ALS can offer varying storage solutions to fit your needs.

Emergency Supply Storage

Centralized Orlando Facility for Quick Distribution of Supplies

With 30,000 sq. ft. in Orlando, many of our customers have seen the benefit of a centralized emergency supply storage location for their retail stores and offices in Florida, the southeastern states and the gulf coast. Being 200 miles from the tri-county area of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, 90 miles to Tampa, 70 miles to Jacksonville, and with interstate access to the southeast sates and gulf coast, Orlando provides a solution to get emergency supplies to hurricane zones quickly.

We Know the Area

Our extensive knowledge of Florida and the southeast gives us a unique advantage when logistics preparations are needed in emergency situations. With our current line haul network, which traverses the state on a nightly basis, we may have the flexibility to accommodate emergency space in an existing run, or provide dedicated solutions to get these supplies to where you need them.

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- The Final & Most Important Step -


Quality Service Since 1993

We've been providing delivery services in Florida and throughout the southeast since 1993. Our growth has been in large part to the high level of service we provide at the delivery point. Each of our couriers are professionally dressed with logoed polo shirt, ID badge and a cheerful and polite disposition.

We also have scanning capabilities at the delivery point, allowing you to track your shipments through our Client Portal, and pull reports as needed.

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